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Engagement Guide

At Utopian Creations, we offer two ways of choosing your perfect ring.

Firstly we have a selection of beautifully designed engagement ring styles to choose from. Engagement rings from our collection can normally be posted to you within three weeks, in some cases it can be as little as two days, however please contact us if you are in a real hurry so we can let you know what is available for immediate delivery.

Secondly we can design and make you a bespoke ring. This option does take longer and is more expensive than choosing one of our predesigned rings but, for some, having a unique piece is worth the extra time and cost.

As with all of our jewellery, whichever choice you make, you can be assured it is made in Australia from the highest quality, ethically sourced metals, gems and diamonds.

To get started:

  • Take a look at our range of engagement rings to get an idea of the styles you prefer.
  • Think about what main stone you would like. For longevity we suggest diamond, sapphire, ruby, spinel and in some cases topaz. Other gems can be used but can suffer damage far more easily than the selection above.
  • What shape would you like the stone?  Brilliant cut (round) and emerald cut (rectangular) are the most popular.
  • Think about your budget.
  • Select a setting that takes into account your partners personality. Solitaire is the most traditional for diamonds and generally sapphires and rubies are best with diamonds as accents.
  • Think about metal choice. What metal does your partner currently wear? This is very important.
  • Find out your partners ring size by downloading our printable ring sizer. Here are some other tips:


    • Tip one: Go shopping with your partner and ask to pop into a jewellery store to look at a ring, a watch or another piece of jewellery for yourself. You may find you partner heads towards rings by themselves, if not you may need to try to direct them. This is a great chance to get an idea of what they might like, but be careful, don't ask too many questions and listen carefully. Write down any information you have gathered as soon as possible so you don't get confused.
    • Tip two: If your partner wears a ring on a different finger try to borrow it for an hour. Print out our ring size chart and place the ring on the circles to you find the corresponding size. Carefully make a note of both the ring size and the finger/hand the ring is warn on. We would also need to know if your partner is left or right handed as this can make a big difference. You will need to contact us so we can try to calculate an approximate size.
    • Tip three: Use a in nuts, bolts and washers. This was a tip from one of our customers and he swore it worked. Buy some in different size washers from a hardware store that correspond with ring sizes on our printable ring size chart. Put them in a little pile on the kitchen table or somewhere noticeable and wait. Our customer told us that his partner tried them on without any direction, however you may need to pretend to try them on yourself. Just remember to have a good excuse why you have them in case your partner asks. This tip may not be appropriate if you don't come in contact with washers in your job or as part of a hobby but for some it could be very plausible to have washers laying around.


Not everybody is after a shiny, sparkly ring. We accommodate all styles; we love the challenge of creating something new or recreating something from the past. Our ethical gem collection is extensive so if you’re after something a bit different, contact us now.