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Jewellery Care


Sterling silver is a fantastic jewellery metal but it has one major negative, tarnish. Some jewellery companies plate over the silver with a non-tarnishing metal like rhodium but this changes the look of the metal, uses dangerous acids and needs to be reapplied. We have chosen to move our production over to Argentium Silver. This is a new tarnish resistant alloy that has the added benefit of being even whiter than regular silver, increasing its beauty further. While it is resistant to tarnish we recommend following normal silver care guidelines to keep your piece looking its best.

Reducing Tarnish

It is best to store silver individually in a tarnish-proof cloth pouch, plastic zip-lock bag or its original packaging, placed in a jewellery or storage box. This helps reduce contact with oxygen, thus reducing oxidization or tarnish. Avoid exposing your silver to bleach, ammonia, hair colour, body lotions, perfume, hair spray, sun tan lotion, chlorinated water in swimming pools, showering and extended physical activity as these can all lead to surface damage of your silver.

Cleaning Silver

Tarnish is easiest to remove when it first becomes visible. To clean your silver, use a treated polishing cloth intended for use on silver. These can be purchased here.

Washing the silver with warm water and a little mild soap can also help but remember to rinse carefully and pat dry with a fine, soft cloth.

If your piece has a sandblasted or brushed finish it shouldn’t be cleaned with a silver cloth, but by using warm water and a little mild soap and a soft brush.

Your jewellery can be returned to us for free cleaning at any time.

With proper care, your sterling silver jewellery will provide lifetimes of enjoyment. If you have any further questions on the correct care of your jewellery, do not hesitate to contact us.


If your piece of Utopian Creations jewellery becomes damaged it can be returned for repair either to the place of purchase or directly to us via registered post. If the damage is due to a manufacturing fault the item will be repaired or replaced at no cost. However, if the damage has been inflicted through undue care or misuse, a quote for the repair will be issued. Cost of postage, damage or loss during the return of the item to Utopian Creations is not the responsibility of Utopian Creations.

Guarantee of repair can only be given by us on jewellery we have repaired ourselves in our fully equipped workshop.

An approximate quote can be given via telephone or email if a detailed statement is given by the customer as to the damage sustained by the piece. If any change is to be made to the price of the repair the customer will be contacted before any work is completed.

Price of returning the jewellery to the customer via registered post will be included in the repair quote.