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Wedding Guide

Matching it with the engagement ring

Harmony between an engagement ring and wedding ring is very important, especially the design. We have made a number of wedding and engagement ring sets that are made from different coloured metals which may sound odd, but the design styles were matching so it worked really well. However most people choose to keep all aspects of the rings the same, just alter the form.

Wedding ring style

Wedding ring styles have moved a long way in the last 100 years and today many people opt for their wedding bands to be set with diamonds and gems. Everything from the eternity style with diamonds set all the way round the ring to having a diamond set on the inside of the band. Textures have become very important with over 50% of our customers moving away from the more traditional high polish. Generally though, if you have an existing engagement ring, follow its design.

Matching your ring to your partners ring

Matching rings are very popular. It’s a lovely link between the two of you, a bond that starts when you exchange rings. For some this means two perfect copies of the same ring, for others only the metal colour may be the same or the design. This enables each to show their own style while still linking both rings. We also offer our bespoke service where we can hand forge both your rings from the same ingot of metal.


We offer two types of engraving:

Motor assisted engraving

This is used mainly for the insides of rings. Names, dates and little shapes like love hearts. This is the sort of engraving you will receive at most jewellery stores and engraving/key cutting businesses. It can normally be done right away with no addition to normal delivery times.

Hand engraving

An art-form in itself, hand engraving is practiced by highly skilled professionals. Almost anything is possible from lettering to 3D designs and even photo-realism. We use The London Engraver, a gentleman borne in the UK who has move to Adelaide permanently, bringing with him years of experience. I urge you to view some of his work via this link, it is truly amazing. Hand engraving will take 1-2 weeks once your ring is ready.

Pricing for all engraving is by application, so please contact us for a quote.