0.39ct Pink Fancy Intense Purplish Pink "Snow" Diamond - Round


0.39ct Pink Fancy Intense Purplish Pink "Snow" Diamond - Round


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This diamond is thought to originate from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. It doenst come with Argyle certification as Argyle dont certify diamonds that have as many inclusions as this piece. It has been certified by the most respected gem certification Lab in Australia, Spectra as completely natural, with similar test results to known Argyle pink diamonds. Colour is all important and the tone is listed as Fancy Intense and the Hue Purplish Pink which are the best grades for pink diamonds. The clarity only scores a P3, but the inclusions are mainly little white cracks (not black carbon) creating a pink snowball effect. Its a beautiful piece, very different to a traditional inclusion free diamond. 


The Argyle mine is closing soon, probably 2020, however we can still supply White, yellow, champagne and pink Australian diamonds in most sizes and tones, so if this one isn't perfect for you let us know and we might be able to find what you are seeking. Argyle pinks are rising in value by 10-20% per year depending on colour intensity. What will happen to prices when the mine closes?

The carbon that makes up this diamond is said to have been created in a star, then billions of years ago it was compressed by nature under the earths mantle into its current atom arrangement. Pinks from the Argyle mine in Australia are thought to have gone through another compression stage during or after creation that slightly changed the atom structure. Its this change that gives the beautiful, unique colour. 



4.4x4.39mm diameter

2.87mm deep 


One complimentary hour of design time with our qualified jewellery designer

These are photos of the actual gemstone you will receive. The photos were taken in natural sunlight and shade.

If you choose to take the piece loose or view it in your own home before returning for manufacturing it will come beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown timber gem box. Some of our customers have actually proposed this way, with the loose gem in our nice box. Then both partners can be involved in the design and manufacturing of the piece. A thoughtful way to start the next chapter of your lives together.

Our Returns policy applies to this gemstone if sold loose.




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