0.51ct Australian Argyle Pink Purple Snow Diamond - Cushion Cut


Gemstone Information
Item ID: ADPC051
Gemstone type: Diamond
Carat Weight: 0.51ct
Dimensions (L,W,H): 4.18mm x 4.15mm x 3.09mm
Shape: Cushion
Colour: Pink - Purple
Intensity: Intense
Clarity: Included
Treatment: None
Origin: Argyle, Australia
Extra notes: This is a big size for a pink diamond and a strong, heavily saturated colour. Its also fully included, but the inclusions are small fractures rather than black carbon and it gives the gem an almost snow-like appearance.

While this diamond should increase in value over time this is not recommended if you are looking for an investment diamond. We do have investment grade Australian Argyle Pink Diamonds but we dont advertise them and dont keep them in our retail store. Please contact us for more information. 

This is still an an incredibly rare diamond and perfect if you're looking for something different in your engagement or dress ring.

Certification: Not currently certified. We are sending this off for certification so it will come with Spectra certification. This does not come with Argyle certification.


Sourcing - Ethical
Acquired direct from Diamond Cutter who purchased the rough. Faceted in Surat, India

Faceted in Surat, India

One tree Planted for every gemstone 




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