0.96ct Columbian Emerald, Green - Round

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0.96ct Columbian Emerald, Green - Round

Gemstone Information
Item ID: CER096
Gemstone type: Round
Carat Weight: 0.96ct
Dimensions (L,W,H): 6.36mm 6.23mm x 4.70mm
Shape: Round - Brilliant Cut
Colour: Green
Intensity: Vivid
Clarity: I (Included)
Treatment: Minor Oil
Origin: Muzo, Columbia
Extra notes: Unfortunately the camera didnt capture the colour of this gemstone accurately, its far deeper green in person. We'll have to try again with a different camera and lighting conditions. This is a very beautiful, high quality Emerald.

Certification: Not currently certified, however it will be certified at no extra cost



Sourcing - Ethical/Standard
Mined in Muzo, Columbia
Faceted in Australia
Sourced direct from the Australian gem cutter who purchased the rough in Columbia in the 1970's
One tree Planted for every gemstone 




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