1.05ct Diamond Foundry Lab Diamond - Cushion Cut

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1.05ct Diamond Foundry Lab Diamond - Cushion Cut

Item ID: LDC105

Gemstone type: Diamond
Carat Weight: 1.05ct
Dimensions (L,W,H): 6.00mm x 5.89mm x 3.73mm
Shape: Cushion Cut
Colour: H
Clarity: VS1 (Very Slightly Included)
Treatment: No treatment
Origin: Diamond Foundry USA
Extra notes: A stunning, beautifully proportioned lab diamond, grown using green power. Diamond Foundry diamonds are an extremely high quality lab diamond. They have created their own propriety technique using plasma and carbon rich gas. This technique creates a diamond that doesnt require any treatment at all, just faceting. 

Certification: IGI certification, Laser inscription LABGROWN IGI LGM3E69043

Sourcing - Ethical
Grown using green power in the USA
Faceted in the USA
One tree Planted for every gemstone

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