1.56ct Tanzanian Spinel, Purple - Emerald cut

1.56ct Tanzanian Spinel, Purple - Emerald cut
A very clean, interesting coloured gemstone. If you like deep moody purples and straight flat facets look no further, this is your gemstone. The colour of this spinel actually changes a little depending on the light with flashes of steel blue off the back facets in bright natural light. This is a very high quality gemstone with one small inclusion that can only be seen on some angles without magnification and perfect colour throughout the crystal. This piece was cut as well as mined in Tanzania to make sure as much of the profits stayed in the host country. Supplied to us by RubyFair.
9.88mm x 4.87mm side to side
8.61mm x 8.86mm corner to corner 
3.40mm deep 

These are photos of the actual gemstone you will receive. 

If you choose to take the piece loose or view it in your own home before returning for manufacturing it will come beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown timber gem box. Some of our customers have actually proposed this way, with the loose gem in our nice box. Then both partners can be involved in the design and manufacturing of the piece. A thoughtful way to start the next chapter of your lives together. 

Ethically mined in Tanzania. Acquired from RubyFair


Faceted by a professional gem cutter in Tanzania

Not currently certified due to time constraints, but certification will be carried out at no extra cost. 

Our Returns policy applies to this gemstone if sold loose.


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