1.59ct Australian Sapphire, Green, Blue, Teal - Oval

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1.59ct Australian Sapphire, Green, Blue, Teal - Oval

Gemstone Information
Item ID: ASO159
Gemstone type: Sapphire
Carat Weight: 1.59ct
Dimensions (L,W,H): 8.62mm x 5.35mm x 3.78mm
Shape: Oval - Step cut
Colour: Blue, Green, Teal
Intensity: Medium
Clarity: SI (Slightly Included)
Treatment: None
Origin: Rubyvale, Queensland, Australia
Extra notes: A lovely long oval, pastel sapphire that blends beautifully from yellow to blue, with hints of green and teal in the center. We've given it an SI clarity due to one inclusion thats on a rear facet. This can be seen in the images, but is very hard to see in person when not magnified. Other than this inclusion the crystal is completely flawless. 

Certification: Not certified but, certification can be carried out at extra cost.



Sourcing - Ethical
Mined in Australia
Faceted in Thailand
Sourced direct from the gem cutter who purchased the rough direct from the Australian miner.
One tree Planted for every gemstone 




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