1.96ct Australian Sapphire, Teal, Green, Blue - Cushion


Gemstone Information

Item ID: ASC196
Gemstone type: Sapphire
Carat Weight: 1.96ct
Dimensions (L,W,H): 7.32mm x 6.55mm x 4.71mm
Shape: Cushion cut 
Colour: Teal, Green, Blue
Intensity: Intense
Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)
Treatment: No treatment
Origin: Rubyvale, Queensland, Australia
Extra notes: This is a true Teal coloured sapphire, not a mix of colours that blend into a teal colour, but solid teal sapphire crystal. The colour does shift depending on the light source, generally more blue outdoors and more green indoors. It was a little larger when we first acquired it, however we had it recut by Master Gem cutter Scott Langford, and as you can see he did an amazing job. Sapphires of this colour are incredibly rare and very hard to capture in a photo or video, they are far nicer in person. 


Certification: Not certified, can be certified at no extra cost


Sourcing - Ethical
Mined in Australia

Faceted in Australia

Sourced direct from the Australian miner
One tree Planted for every gemstone 




1.96ct Australian Sapphire, Teal, Green, Blue - Cushion Reviews

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