1ct Champagne/Cognac diamond - Round Cut

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1ct Champagne/Cognac diamond - Round Cut
1ct Champagne diamond - Round Cut
A lovely 1ct Champagne diamond with salt and pepper inclusions. An interesting cut, less than perfect proportions with a slightly flattened culet suggesting it is an early brilliant cut, perhaps being cut around 1940, well before the Australian Argyle mine was found, the source of many of the wolds champagne/cognac diamonds. We purchased this piece second hand and unfortunately its history is unknown.
5.71mm diameter 
4.23mm deep 

These are photos of the actual gemstone you will receive. 

If you choose to take the piece loose or view it in your own home before returning for manufacturing it will come beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown timber gem box. Some of our customers have actually proposed this way, with the loose gem in our nice box. Then both partners can be involved in the design and manufacturing of the piece. A thoughtful way to start the next chapter of your lives together.


Not currently certified, can be certified for an extra cost.

Our Returns policy applies to this gemstone if sold loose.


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