2.38ct Australian Sapphire, Blue, Teal - Cushion Cut


Gemstone Information
Item ID: ASC238
Gemstone type: Sapphire
Carat Weight: 2.38ct
Dimensions (L,W,H): 9.32mm x 9.29mm x 5.17mm
Shape: Cushion
Colour: Blue, Teal - slight colour change indoors to blue/green
Intensity: Intense - Deep
Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)
Treatment: None
Origin: Rubyvale Queensland, Australia
Extra notes: An interesting long cushion cut with a slight colour change from blue/teal outdoors to blue/green indoors.

Certification: Not currently certified but, will be certified at not extra cost.



Sourcing - Ethical
Mined in Australia
Faceted in Australia
Sourced direct from the miner
One tree Planted for every gemstone 




2.38ct Australian Sapphire, Blue, Teal - Cushion Cut Reviews

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