2.49ct Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

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2.49ct Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring

Ring Information

Item ID: BD249WG

Australian 14k White Gold

Ring size M

Gemstone type: Salt and Pepper Diamond

Carat Weight - 2.49ct

Shape: Oval
Colour: Near Black
Intensity: Deep
Clarity: Near Fully Included
Treatment: None
Origin: Botswana
Extra notes: An incredible Salt and Pepper diamond. When worn the diamond looks near black however when light is shone through, beautiful carbon crystal patterns can be seen. This is a very shallow diamond so it sits nice and low on the finger and looks larger than a normal proportioned diamond. Its a big piece.


Gemstone type: Lab Diamonds

Carat Weight - 0.38ct

Shape: Pear and Round Cut
Colour: D-F
Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)
Treatment: None
Origin: Surat, India
Extra notes: Surat has an ever growing, local government lead, green power directive that is making positive changes to reduce the cities carbon footprint. 



For ready-made and bespoke rings we offer a complimentary resize three sizes up or down depending on the design, within the first 3 months of ownership. If the ring to be resized is beyond these specifications, we will be able to provide alternative options for you. At this point you can opt for your ring to be express posted to your preferred destination (fully insured and at no cost) or you can pick it up from our retail store.


Sourcing - Ethical
Salt and Pepper diamond Traceable 
Faceted in Surat India

Lab diamonds grown in part using sustainable power
Australian Gold from a Responsible Jewellery Council Member

One tree Planted for every gemstone