2.69ct Australian Blue Yellow Teal Parti Sapphire - Emerald cut

2.69ct Australian Blue Yellow Teal Parti Sapphire - Emerald cut
Great size and bright colours, this Emerald cut sapphire is a unique piece. There is a really clear photo from behind the sapphire so you can see the wonderful colours mixing throughout the sapphire. This is a true parti sapphire, parti from the word partition, as in the colours are partitioned. The skill of the gem cutter orientating the gem to make best use of these colours is very important. This sapphire has been cut beautifully here in Australia by a professional gem cutter. The polish on the facet surfaces is just perfect. There is a veil like inclusion in the darker blue part of the gemstone, about 1/3rd of the way up the sapphire. In person this is difficult to see but it is visible without magnification. Surrounded by diamonds it would make  wonderful dress ring or pendant.
Sapphires are the second hardest natural gemstone after diamond. Hardness is very important if the piece is to be worn daily, as in the case with an engagement ring. Sapphires are one of the few gemstones suitable for this purpose and Australian sapphires are some of the worlds best. If this sapphire is not exactly what you are after or if you have other requests please contact us as we have a vast collection and a wonderful group of miners who toil day in day our looking for more of these enchanting and enduring crystals. 
8.57 x 5.85mm diameter 
4.95mm deep 

These are photos of the actual gemstone you will receive. 

If you choose to take the piece loose or view it in your own home before returning for manufacturing it will come beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown timber gem box. Some of our customers have actually proposed this way, with the loose gem in our nice box. Then both partners can be involved in the design and manufacturing of the piece. A thoughtful way to start the next chapter of your lives together.

Ethically sourced direct from the miner, Queensland, Australia

Expertly cut by a professional gem cutter in Australia


Our Returns policy applies to this gemstone if sold loose.


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