3.09ct Australian Green/Blue Parti Sapphire, Emerald cut


3.09ct Australian Green Sapphire, Emerald cut 


This is a large, very clean Australian green/blue sapphire. Generally emerald cut sapphires showing more than one colour are banded and have distinct colour patches however this sapphire is different. It's a broody dark green with flashes of bright green in its centre and flashes of blue towards each end. A unique piece that could look amazing in either a traditional design, perhaps a trilogy design or a modern double gem ring. With a high quality piece like this there are a myriad of ideas to explore.  Click on Videos just above to see two videos of this lovely gemstone. 

What does parti sapphire mean? The descriptive name parti is used for gems, generally sapphires that have one or more colours within the gem. Its taken from the word partition. This particular sapphire may not actually be classed as a parti sapphire as the different colours are not arranged in partitions. This sapphire is actually pleochroic as it shows different colours depending on the angle it is viewed. If you look down into the sapphire from above is it a deep rich forest green, however if you look from the side of the gemstone, down its length it is a lovely royal blue. Due to the orientation the cutter has chosen most of the time the gem looks green with flashes of blue especially at each end of the sapphire where light is bounced along the length of the crystal. It makes for a beautiful piece that is ever changing in different light.

Sapphires are the second hardest natural gemstone after diamond. Hardness is very important if the piece is to be warn daily, as in the case with an engagement ring. Sapphires are one of the few gemstones suitable for this purpose and Australian sapphires are some of the worlds best. If this sapphire is not exactly what you are after or if you have other requests please contact us as we have a vast collection and a wonderful group of miners who toil day in day our looking for more of these enchanting and enduring crystals. 
10.94mm x 6.13mm
4.45mm deep 

One complimentary hour of design time with our qualified jewellery designer

These are photos of the actual gemstone you will receive. 

For a private viewing with our highly trained staff please contact us so we can arrange a meeting in our Adelaide store. If you choose to purchase the piece loose to view it in your own home before returning for manufacturing it will come beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown timber gem box. Some of our customers have actually proposed this way, with the loose gem in our nice box. Then both partners can be involved in the design and manufacturing of the piece. A thoughtful way to start the next chapter of your lives together.

Ethically sourced from Queensland, Australia

Expertly cut in Australia

Our Returns policy applies to this gemstone if sold loose.

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