5.54ct Tanzanite, Purple, Blue - Emerald Cut


Gemstone Information
Item ID: TTE554
Gemstone type: Tanzanite
Carat Weight: 5.54ct
Dimension (L,W,H): 10.77mm x 9.37mm x 6.90mm
Shape: Square Emerald Cut
Colour: Purple Blue
Intensity: Intense
Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)
Treatment: Heat
Origin: Tanzania
Extra notes: A very high quality Emerald Cut Tanzanite in an impressive size.

Certification: Certified



Sourcing - Ethical
Mined in Tanzania
Faceted in Thailand
Sourced direct from the Gemstone cutter in Thailand who sourced the rough direct from the mine in Tanzania
One tree Planted for every gemstone 




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