Amazing 0.70ct E colour vintage diamond, green gold and platinum ring


Diamonds come in all sorts of sizes, colours and shapes. This particular diamond must have been carefully chosen by the diamond cutter as the cushion cut faceting pattern is rare especially the exact cutting pattern that has been used on this diamond. It seems to have had more time spent on perfecting the geometry which leads directly to more and brighter sparkling. This diamond would have been chosen for special treatment due to its crisp E colour. E colour is just one grade from D colour, the whitest grade given to diamonds. In reality though there is very little difference between the two grades, this is a very rare, very pure diamond. Being a vintage or second hand diamond its also a great choice from an ethical point of view. We have carefully checked the diamond and its completely free of damage, diamonds are so hard that its as perfect today as the day it was first cut.

Green gold. You may not have come across this before, yellow, white and rose yes, but green? This gold alloy really only has a nod to green, dont expect bright green, its more like a strong yellow with a hint of green. Its an alloy rarely used but if you like yellow gold you'll probably lovely this alloy, it has an extremely deep rich tone and is achieved by removing some copper from standard 18k yellow gold alloy and replacing it with more silver. To make the colour stand out even more we have chosen platinum to make the delicate four claw setting, the perfect accompaniment for the purity of the high quality diamond.


These are photos of the actual ring you will receive

Ethically sourced gems

100% recycled precious metals

Handmade and hand set

Made in Australia


Amazing 0.70ct E colour vintage diamond, green gold and platinum ring Reviews

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