Boronia four claw 2.08ct Blue/Yellow/Teal Parti Australian sapphire ring - 18k yellow gold


Boronia 2.08ct Australian Parti sapphire set in 18k white gold claws and basket with an 18k matte yellow gold band.


Anything over 2cts in a precious gemstone is impressive and this precious piece is a local! This is a beautiful Parti sapphire thanks in part to a stone cutter who has carefully orientated it with blue on each side and a little bit of yellow down the middle. The blue sides are quite light, and when mixing with the yellow create flashes of teal. This sapphire has one other feature which really sets it apart, a lightly curved top or table. Normally this is completely flat, however the cutter has polished it with a light dome. Its quite hard to see and is only visible when reflections are bouncing right off the top of the sapphire, but its there and makes this one special sapphire!

We have designed and made this ring with a band that is delicate, but wide enough to have diamonds set all the way round, or just a few each side of the sapphire. If this is an addition you'd be interested in just ask and we can provide a detailed bespoke quote. This can also be something that can be added at a later date, perhaps a wedding anniversary. The band and claws can also be given a high polish rather than the matte if you'd prefer.


The term Parti sapphire comes from the word partition. Parti sapphires have different colours of sapphire within the same stone, generally with quite distinct separation. In gem shapes like Baguette and Emerald cuts these can often be easily seen as stripes through the stone. In other gem shapes like rounds and ovals that have large amounts of faceting under the stone the colours are broken up as light bounces around internally. This gives a beautiful blending of the colours that changes depending on the angle and type of light available. 


These are photos of the actual ring you will receive

Ethically sourced sapphire from Rubyvale in Queensland

100% recycled precious metals

Handmade and hand set in our workshop

Designed and Made in Australia

Our 30 day 100% return policy applies to this ring

One complimentary ring resize in the first 12 months of ownership (once resized it can not be returned under our 30 day return policy) 

Boronia four claw 2.08ct Blue/Yellow/Teal Parti Australian sapphire ring - 18k yellow gold Reviews

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