Cocoon Stud Earrings - Sterling silver


Cocoon Collection, 100% recycled Sterling silver

12mm diameter earrings


The first Cocoon pendant was made over 15 years ago, it predated our business. It was a piece made for a family member that was never completed. After rediscovering the piece a few years later more time was taken to perfect its manufacture and proportions, turning it into into an instant classic that has been sold all over the world. The idea behind the piece is just like in nature, the Cocoon is a protective device. Our cocoons come with all sorts of materials inside the Cocoon, pure silver, copper, sterling silver wire balls, meteorite or even woolly mammoth ivory!


100% recycled sterling silver

Designed and Handmade in Australia

Beautifully packaged in a sustainably grown timber gem box. 

Our 30 day 100% return policy does not apply to earrings due to health and safety laws in Australia. 

Butterflies machine made in the USA from 100% recycled sterling silver

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