SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) and the disease it creates, Covid-19, has impacted all our lives. Thankfully our business has not been widely affected by the virus and our online capabilities are actually expanding.

For the safety or our staff and the wider public we decided to close our bricks and mortar retail store. We had just started renovating this store and we will continue with the renovation so we can reopen with a beautiful new look in the future. Updates will feature on our Instagram account if you're interested to follow the transformation. 

Our online store is still functioning as normal and we are adding new gems and jewellery every week. Our manufacturing facilities have been split up so our staff can continue producing beautiful jewellery in a safe environment, meeting the government's distancing laws. We also work with a supply/manufacturing business and they have had no interruptions either. Most of our industry seems little affected in terms of supplies and manufacturing, we dont have any concerns about maintaining the high quality service we strive to provide.

Our postal address has changed to a PO Box during this period to make sure we receive packages promptly and safely. Our specialist jewellery insurance covers all our jewellery whether posting to you or if you are posting to us if the package is posted with Australian Post Platinum Express and the tracking number is recorded. If you require more information about posting just let us know.


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