Dead Matte Ring


Our Dead Matte rings are dead, devoid of reflections, but full of life. Careful preparation is first required, we actually bring the metal to a high polish, then apply a random pattered matte finish that sucks in light creating a wonderful dull almost blurry finish. Its D shape profile makes this ring an extremely comfortable piece to wear all day long.


Over time the matte surface does wear. We provide a small square of matting material that enables you to restore the texture. Any deep scratches will remain but we see that as normal wear and tear.  We prefer to let our rings age with time, keep them clean, definitely, but wear is a sign of time and time a sign of true love. 


Our Dead Matte rings are handmade to order and take 3-4 weeks until delivery.

One complimentary ring resize in the first 12 months of ownership.

Complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of the ring. 


Designed and Made in Australia




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