Our Glacier collection is an artful ode to one of the natural worlds great marvels. Glaciers have shaped much of our world, at times deep in the past completely engulfing our planet. Currently most glaciers around the world are receding, an undeniable visual cue that its time to turn climate change around, time for humans to pull together for the greater good. The Glacier ring signifies this bringing together of people, specifically two people in love, an expression of unending devotion. 

As part of our own commitment to the environment the Glacier ring (and all our jewellery since 2005) is made from either 100% recycled or Fairtrade certified precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones/diamonds. More information on the specifics of each ring can be found in the item description. 

Melted Glacier Ring Stunning rubies from Tanzania, ethically mined and traded using fair trade principles. High quality brilliant cut vintage diamonds, Argyle diamonds and 100% recycled 18k white gold. This Melted Glacier is a bold, modern statement...