Ethical jewellery production starts with the use of ethically sourced materials. The choice of materials heavily impacts the ethicacy of a completed piece of jewellery but as ethical jewellers we must take responsibility for our own actions. The manufacturing we do must also meet the same ethical expectations we have of our suppliers. This pushes us towards the development of new techniques and ways of using less energy, chemicals and waste.

At Utopian Creations there are a number of ethical manufacturing practices we employ

  • Fair-trade and/or 100% recycled precious metals
  • Choice of vintage, antique and traceable newly mined diamonds and gems;
  • 100% wind power used in our workshop and retail store;
  • Sustainably produced packaging
  • Animal free manufacturing processes (no leather tools or polishing compounds that contain animal fats);
  • Certified organic cotton, reusable steel spindle, handmade polishing wheels;
  • Biodegradable chemicals used in manufacturing and general store cleaning.
  • No rhodium plating due to the strong acids used. We use a high quality white gold alloy that is naturally a very white colour so doesn’t need to be plated. Rhodium plating was introduced as a way to cover poor coloured white gold and porosity which are typically created using cheap alloys. We believe this is dishonest and leads to mistrust of the jewellery industry;
  • Store/studio fit out completed using 95% recycled/sustainable materials and eco-paints;
  • Recycling of manufacturing and general waste;

As with factory farming and greenhouse warming, people are starting to take notice of the worldwide implications of our actions. The best part is that there are products already available, products that increase the circulation of materials instead of retiring them to an early grave.


Photo credit : Utopian Creations