We believe in a balance between the two. Currently the desire for precious metals, gems and diamonds means that humans are outstripping supply. Even with the high percentage of precious materials that are recycled, mining will still continue for these materials. We need to show the world how mining can benefit everybody rather than just the few. By supporting Fair-Trade metals and ethically sourced gems and diamonds we are bringing new materials into circulation while providing some of the worlds disadvantaged communities with income, helping to rebuild the environment rather than destroy it. While peak oil has been well documented, a cohesive understanding of the worlds other resources is not fully understood. Gold is found in many parts of the world, as are diamonds, but both are becoming more difficult to find and expensive to mine due to lower grades of ore. The discovery of new sources for most coloured gems is well past its peak. We are already seeing shortages of most precious coloured gems and prices are rising significantly. Recycling has been at the core of our business since its inception and with the addition of fair-trade materials we will continue to support its use into the future.


Photo credit : The World Fair-trade Association