Flat Top Ring


Our Flat Top rings are highly polished, flat top and sides. This highly reflective surface will show wear faster than most rings but this is part of its charm. The Flat Top is a billboard for marriage, showing the the bumps and knocks of everyday life. Don't worry though its strong and will not buckle or bend, just like the love you share for your partner it will outlive your physical lifetime! The inside of the ring has slightly curved edges making this ring an extremely comfortable piece to wear all day long.


Over time the polished surface does wear, we provide complimentary light polishing for the life of the ring. Any deep scratches will remain but we see that as normal wear and tear. Any deep scratches can be removed with our refinishing service, however we prefer to let our rings age with time, keep them clean, definitely, but wear is a sign of time and time a sign of true love. If you want to lessen the chance of scratches choose 18k white gold rather than silver as its far harder.


Our Flat Top rings are handmade to order and take 3-4 weeks until delivery.

One complimentary ring resize in the first 12 months of ownership.

Complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of the ring. 


Designed and Made in Australia




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