Lab diamonds

We have been involved with Lab diamonds (Laboratory Grown Diamonds) for over seven years, making our first engagement ring from these near perfect diamonds in 2012. At this time Lab diamonds were not locally available, in fact very few clear, white diamonds over 0.25ct had been grown for jewellery purposes. At the time we could never have foreseen the huge expansion that has now taken off around the world. Quality has increased further over the last eight years, as have the options available in size and shape, making Lab diamonds as versatile as their mined counterparts. There are many new businesses selling Lab diamonds but as with any important purchase, experience and local support can be paramount. 


What are they and why they may be the perfect choice for you.

Until humans began creating Lab diamonds last century the only known diamonds on Earth were created under the Earth’s crust perhaps billions of years ago. Many of these have been brought to the surface over time via hot magma flows spilling out over parts of the Earth’s surface, eventually being discovered and used for tool making and jewellery by humans. New discoveries of diamonds have also been made in meteorites that have fallen to Earth. These are only small but prove diamonds are not unique to our planet. Its been shown that the core of some stars cool and solidify into massive diamonds at the end of their lives, it’s thought our sun is on that path.

Over the last 15 years the creation of diamonds by humans, Lab diamonds, has been perfected to a point where stunning gem quality crystals can be grown and cut that have the same properties and beauty as that of any other diamond known in our universe. Lab diamonds have the same sparkle, scintillation, fire and importantly hardness, as any other diamond because they are diamonds.

At Utopian Creations we are committed to championing more ethical choices and we believe diamonds, whether mined or Lab should be scrutinized in similar ways before purchase. Its difficult when comparing mined to Lab as mined diamonds are hard to trace and when mining environmental/human rights conditions vary massively depending where and how the diamonds are mined. In some places low impact diamond mining brings needed funds to poor communities, we sell some salt and pepper diamonds from these areas. To see our range, click here. For high quality mined diamonds we specialize in Australian diamonds as they are local, governed under Australian law and are third party tracked and traced. While Australian diamonds are excellent in many ways the energy use needed for their extraction is mainly fossil fuel based.

Energy. One word that means so much to our planet at this time of higher temperatures, temps that are increasing due in part to the burning of fossil fuels to create energy. Are Lab diamonds an answer to the high energy use needed to mine most diamonds? That all depends on the Lab diamonds you purchase, unfortunately most are grown using fossil fuel derived energy. While the energy used to grow a 1ct Lab diamond is thought to be many times less than the energy used to mine a 1ct diamond, using fossil fuel based power to grow that Lab diamond still doesn’t seem like the best answer. If you are looking to purchase a special diamond, one that you hope to pass down through the generations, you want to make sure it represents who you are. You have already chosen the idea of a diamond for its beauty and longevity, now thanks to the efforts of Diamond Foundry you can also have one that is created from renewable, hydroelectric and solar power.

Diamond Foundry grows and cuts its diamonds in the USA using renewable power. It’s a completely closed loop production chain designed to meet the highest of ethical principles and every diamond is laser inscribed with its own number for easy identification. We have a small range of Diamond Foundry’s diamonds in-store and online and if we don't have exactly what you are looking for we can work with Diamond Foundry to find the perfect diamond and create your special piece.

While diamonds are not unique to our planet, they remain a very beautiful crystal coveted by humans for both their sparkle and hardness. Mined diamonds are currently the most popular choice over Lab diamonds and for many people this may be the right decision for them, however Lab diamonds and specifically diamonds created by Diamond Foundry bring a new choice, a choice that we now offer to you and your family, current and future.

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