Hex Signet ring


Hexagon signet ring. Textured on the Ebenezer place footpath and road. 

We can customize these rings is many ways from engraving to adding gems and diamonds. 


The silver versions of this ring are oxidized slightly with a sulphur solution used in organic gardening to replicate the oxidization that will happen naturally to the texture over time. The texture will wear heavily over weeks or months, changing as you wear it and becoming more silver, less black. While this can be rectified by refinishing the ring every 5-10 years we prefer to let our rings age gracefully with time, keep them clean, definitely, but wear is a sign of time and time a sign of true love. 


Our Hex rings are made to order and generally take 4-6 weeks till delivery, although we normally keep some in-store too that we can resize at no charge.

One complimentary ring resize in the first 6 months of ownership.

Complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of the ring

3D printed and cast

Hand finished in Adelaide

Designed and made in Australia



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