Hovea Ring, 2.72ct Australian Parti Sapphire and Pear Lab diamonds Diamond Foundry


Hovea Ring featuring an exquisite 2.72ct Round Australian Parti Sapphire and Pair of Pear Lab diamonds from Diamond Foundry


High quality parti sapphires over 2.5cts in weight are incredibly rare. This beauty has all the things people look for in a quality heirloom gemstone, a bright sparkly nature, lovely blend of colours that change with the light source and high quality cutting, essential to bring the best light and colour play throughout the gemstone.

This sapphire has been carefully chosen and matched with a delightful pair of pear shape lab diamonds from Diamond Foundry. These lab diamonds are grown in the USA from sustainable power sources, solar and hydro, then cut to perfection all under ethical labor practices. 2x 0.32ct Pear diamonds, H colour, VS1 clarity, total diamond weight 0.64ct. Diamond Foundry are world leaders in Lab diamond production, designing and making their own processes to enable an environmentally preferable product to be grown. Each diamond is individually numbered, laser inscribed so it can always be identified. Diamond Foundry Lab diamonds are diamonds, these are not diamond simulants and as such they have exactly the same hardness and brilliance properties. Complex diamond testing equipment is needed to tell them apart from mined diamonds. For more information about Lab diamonds see here.


Sapphires are the second hardest natural gemstone after diamond. Hardness is very important if the piece is to be worn daily, as in the case with an engagement ring. Sapphires are one of the few gemstones suitable for this purpose and Australian sapphires are some of the worlds best. The term Parti sapphire comes from the word partition. Parti sapphires have different colours of sapphire within the same stone, generally with quite distinct separation. In gem shapes like Baguette and Emerald cuts these can often be easily seen as stripes through the stone. In other gem shapes like rounds and ovals that have large amounts of faceting under the stone the colours are broken up as light bounces around internally. This gives a beautiful blending of the colours that changes depending on the angle and type of light available. 


These are photos of the actual ring you will receive, there is only one.

Ethically sourced sapphire from Queensland Australia

Ethically sourced Lab diamonds from Diamond Foundry, USA

100% recycled 950 Platinum

Designed and Made in Australia

Our 100% return policy applies to this ring

One complimentary ring resize in the first 6 months of ownership (once resized it can not be returned under our returns policy) Current ring size L


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