Our Iconic Dew Collection. Symbolizing the pure nature of morning Dew, made from 100% ethically and sustainable sourced materials. The Dew collection was the first collection of jewellery Utopian Creations released in 2005 and it is now worn and recognized all over the globe as a symbol of sustainability.

Originally we had to alloy our own recycled sterling silver, up-cycling from photographic waste and old phone chargers from the Mobile Muster recycling champagne. The Dew collection was the first jewellery collection in Australia to be made from 100% recycled metals and as part of our commitment to a more sustainable jewellery industry we also sold our recycled sterling silver to other jewellers in Australia. Now both 100% recycled and Fairtrade/Fairmined metals are available from more mainstream suppliers, showing a shift towards more ethical choices has begun in our industry, and the Dew Collection remains at the forefront of this movement.

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