Lifetime manufacturing warranty

Utopian Creations creates quality jewellery that is designed to last. We offer a complimentary limited lifetime manufacturing guarantee with all our jewellery whether it is cast/hand-finished or handmade. In the unusual case you find a fault with any jewellery made by us we ask you contact us immediately so we can work with you to rectify the problem.

The Utopian Creations lifetime manufacturing guarantee works in conjunction with the Australian Trade Practices Act, however due to the skill of our workforce we are proud to go further. Utopian Creations agree to repair or replace a jewellery piece that has been shown to have a manufacturing fault for the life of the piece of jewellery.

This does not include damage caused by wear and tear, physical abuse or work completed by another party. It strictly covers repair of manufacturing faults alone and does not include the replacement of precious gemstones.