Melted Glacier Ring in Recycled 18k White Gold & Ethically Sourced Rubies and Diamonds

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Melted Glacier Ring in Recycled 18k White Gold & Ethically Sourced Rubies and Diamonds

Melted Glacier Ring

Stunning rubies from Tanzania, ethically mined and traded using fair trade principles. High quality brilliant cut vintage diamonds, Argyle diamonds and 100% recycled 18k white gold. This Melted Glacier is a bold, modern statement with a nod to the past through the use of high quality traditionally precious gems and gold. 

The largest diamond is a 0.34ct G colour with full DCLA certification. The surrounding diamonds add up to 0.19cts and are from the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The wonderful, bright rubies are from a small mining venture in Tanzania, set up to provide a little remote community with income. They were also cut in Tanzania, making sure skills and money remain with the locals. Many of the rubies from this mine have large black inclusions, the rubies chosen for this ring were some of the best I have seen, no large inclusions and a stunning colour.

Our recycled white gold is the most expensive white gold alloy available, an alloy of 75% gold and 25% palladium. We choose this high quality white gold to make our jewellery as it's a very white colour and we don't plate our gold like most jewellers. This means that unlike white gold jewellery from most other jewellers, our rings don't need replating or have yearly up-keeping costs. Just a quick clean is all that is needed to keep them looking their best. 


These are photos of the actual ring you will receive

Ethically sourced gems and diamonds

100% recycled precious metals

3D printed and cast

Hand finished and hand set

Our 100% return policy applies to this ring

Designed and Made in Australia