Our Story

Utopian Creations began its life in 2005. We were the first business in Australia to tackle the issues of ethicacy and sustainability in the jewellery industry by producing all our jewellery collections from ethically sourced materials. From our early days manufacturing and wholesaling ethical jewellery around the world, to opening our first store in 2009 our commitment to creating jewellery without environmental and social destruction has not wavered. We are members of numerous organizations focused on this goal and are part of an international community of like minded designers and jewellers in constant communication, sharing knowledge. We started in 2005 by sourcing and alloying our own recycled precious metals, now we are able to purchase 100% recycled and Fair-Trade precious metals from suppliers, proving that the industry we helped create is striving forward.

Our current retail store and workshop is located at 20 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide.