Other major sources of ethically sourced materials are ones that have lived a life previously. The re-manufacturing of precious metals is far more energy efficient than just mining new metals, and in the case of diamonds no re-manufacturing may be needed at all. Coloured gemstones often need to be re-cut due to damage, but this is a simple process using little energy and restores their beauty for a new life. The recycled precious metals we use are refined to a quality as good or better than virgin metals and our gems and diamonds are graded just like newly mined pieces so you are assured of the highest quality jewellery. Antique diamonds are a great example a recycled material that can have benefits over its newly mined counterpart. Their beautiful hand cut asymmetrical shape can be used as a feature, especially in antique or organic designs. And who can ignore day dreamy nostalgic thoughts of its past life, perhaps in an ancient Persian princess’s tiara?



Recycling precious metals can be a very polluting business via the burning off of waste materials and chemical use to extract the metals. We purchase our recycled metals from a government certified and tested refiner. They utilize the most up to date refining technology to reduce pollution and increase the metal recovered. This produces metals with a smaller environmental impact than mined metals.


Health and Safely

We purchase most of our recycled precious metals from three word class refining companies, Chemgold and A&E metals both here in Australia and Hoover and Strong in the USA . All three companies have years of experience and provide Health and Safety protections beyond best practice for their workers. Our local master gem cutter Scott Langford takes all the necessary protections to care for his and his staff’s health. His workshop is visited by us regularly.


Social Impacts

Our recycled goods prior to being refined or re-cut are all purchased from verified sources at or above current scrap prices in full compliance with local laws. This reduces the chance of stolen goods from unwittingly re-entering the market and increases the price paid to people selling their old gold. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous gold and jewellery buying businesses that undervalue and underpay, deceiving older and desperate people. Through increased transparency we hope to slowly effect change in this area.