Woolly Mammoth Ivory Signet Ring


Looking for a statement ring for yourself or a special gift for the difficult to buy for? This piece is a talking point, how can it not be! The approximately 100,000 year old ivory has been frozen under the Siberian permafrost all that time, released back to the surface by the receding ice. Climate change is our enemy, its one of the many reasons we started Utopian Creations one of the reasons we have always used green power, but here we have found a bonus of climate change, a little silver lining before we are all doomed.... No, no, science will save us, well, some of us....

Obviously Woolly Mammoths died out a very long time ago, especially the large variety that grew this beautiful material. Thankfully the crosshatch pattern that can be seen in the top of the ivory is unique to Woolly Mammoths, elephant ivory has a different angle to the little chevron shapes and can easily be distinguished from the Mammoth. Our Mammoth Ivory was purchased directly from a Russian specialist and tested/confirmed as Mammoth by our local gemologist. The pattern in the ivory is beautiful, so detailed so personal, to think it was once attached to the head of a massive beast so, so long ago. 

We dont have much to do with animal products, for example we dont use leather cord for pendants, choosing organic cotton instead, however ancient ivory is different. Its collected by indigenous people in summer, bringing much needed money to very isolated communities. If the ivory wasnt collected and traded/sold it would simply decompose. 


The ivory will take on a deep brown colour with wear and age. This is completely normal, to be expected and is not a fault and should not cause alarm. Its simply the colour change of the surface and does not cause harm to the ivory. 




These are photos of the actual ring you will receive

One complimentary ring resize in the first 12 months of ownership.

Complimentary cleaning for the lifetime of the ring

3D printed and cast ring, hand finished in-store by Ben S

Woolly Mammoth Ivory hand cut and polished in-store by Ben S


Designed and Made in Australia


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