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Custom Jewellery Design

Bespoke jewellery design is our thing! Whether in person or via email, our qualified jewellery designers can turn your ideas into stunning reality

Engagement Rings

   Select from our in-house range of engagement rings or  design your own with our qualified jewellery designers       

Wedding Rings

   Choose from our wide range of ready made wedding bands or design your own special piece. Choose recycled or Fair trade metals

Ethical & Traceable

We are specialists in using sustainable materials such as recycled and Fairtrade gold and ethically sourced stones

Precious Stones 

  We have the largest range of Australian Sapphires, including Parti and Teal Sapphires and Argyle Diamonds. 

 Designed & Made In Australia

All of our jewellery is designed and hand finished from our Adelaide retail store

Featured Products

1.05ct Australian Teal Sapphire - Oval Cut   A true teal sapphire, not a parti mix of blue and yellow like we often see in Australia. This lovely pastel coloured sapphire was mined in...
2.1ct Green slight Teal colour change Australian sapphire - Round   An interesting Queensland sapphire cut to perfection. The colour is difficult to describe as it changes from deep to light...
0.86ct Australian Parti Sapphire Teal Blue - Oval   Bright light blue/teal with a light yellow center. Apologies for the lack of photos, it was a tricky one to photograph, we'll have to try...
1.90ct Australian Yellow Sapphire - Oval   Strong coloured yellow sapphires are rare the world over, here in Australia we have some of the best. This lovely golden yellow crystal was cut in...
2.11ct Australian Blue Sapphire - Oval Cut   A classic Australian blue sapphire, rich, deep, royal blue. There is a little corner of yellow that helps to lighten the tone but this can only be...
Aura 0.13ct Old Mine Diamond (1750-1900) set in a sparkling halo of Australian diamonds all set in 100% recycled 18k Rose Gold. The main gemstone is a beautiful little antique diamond that would...
Aura 0.46ct Australian Teal sapphire with Australian diamond halo and shoulders all set in 100% recycled 18k white gold This sapphire is a wonderful size and colour for a halo ring, its like the...
3.41ct Australian Teal colour change Sapphire - Cushion   Colour change gemstones are rare, especially in sapphire. A high quality piece like this especially in such a generous size is rarely...