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Custom Jewellery Design

Bespoke jewellery design is our thing! Whether in person or via email, our qualified jewellery designers can turn your ideas into stunning reality

Engagement Rings

   Select from our in-house range of engagement rings or  design your own with our qualified jewellery designers       

Wedding Rings

   Choose from our wide range of ready made wedding bands or design your own special piece. Choose recycled or Fair trade metals

Ethical & Traceable

We are specialists in using sustainable materials such as recycled and Fairtrade gold and ethically sourced stones

Precious Stones 

  We have the largest range of Australian Sapphires, including Parti and Teal Sapphires and Argyle Diamonds. 

 Designed & Made In Australia

All of our jewellery is designed and hand finished from our Adelaide retail store

Featured Products

Toi Et Moi ring featuring a Stunning Tanzanite and Australian Aquamarine   One of the most romantic styles of jewellery, the Toi Et Moi ring is the perfect gift for a loved one as it...
Gemstone InformationItem ID: ASO102Gemstone type: SapphireCarat Weight: 1.02ctDimensions (L,W,H): 6.87mm x 5.53mm x 3.85mmShape: Oval Colour: BlueIntensity: IntenseClarity: SI (Slightly...
Gemstone InformationItem ID: ASO459Gemstone type: SapphireCarat Weight: 4.59ctDimensions (L,W,H): 11.27mm x 8.68mm x 5.60mmShape: Oval Colour: Teal, Blue, GreenIntensity: IntenseClarity: SI...
Toi Et Moi ring featuring an Australian Blue Topaz and stunning Nigerian Tourmaline   One of the most romantic styles of jewellery, the Toi Et Moi ring is the perfect gift for a loved one as...
3.13ct Australian Green Sapphire - Oval Cut   A large green sapphire oval, not often seen in this tone or saturation at this size.  All photos were taken in natural, bright shade...
1.13ct Australian Teal Sapphire - Oval Cut   A rare true teal sapphire. Light teal blue outdoors with a more green tint under most artificial lighting. This sapphire has a cloud like inclusion...
1.10ct Australian Sapphire Green - Oval Cut   A pure green untreated Australian mid to light green sapphire. Eye clean and perfectly saturated with colour throughout, a very pretty gemstone...
1ct Champagne diamond - Round Cut   A lovely 1ct Champagne diamond with salt and pepper inclusions. An interesting cut, less than perfect proportions with a slightly flattened culet suggesting...